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Apollo Technologies offers comprehensive water treatment services for: boilers, cooling towers, evap-condensers and closed loop systems.
Our Products
Apollo employs state of the art water treatment technologies.
About Apollo Technologies
Apollo Technologies, though a manufacturer of state of the art water treatment chemistry, is primarily a service contractor.
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SDS/MSDS for Boilers
SDS/MSDS-Cooling Tower
SDS/MSDS - CL System

PostHeaderIcon Welcome to Apollo Technologies, Inc.


Specialist in Industrial Boiler & Cooling Water Treatment


We are Southern California's Premier Full Service Water Treatment Contractor since 1989.

  • Manufacturers of Cooling Water, Boiler Water & Closed Loop Treatments for Industry & Institutions.
  • Our Service Plan includes Semi-Weekly Service Calls
  • Complete Laboratory Services: Water Analysis, Deposit Analysis, Corrosion Coupons, Bio-film Analysis.
  • Quarterly Tower Cleaning
  • Boiler & Cooling Tower Cleaning & Scale Removal
  • White Rust Prevention
  • Replacement of Eliminators, Spray Nozzles
  • Control Equipment: TDS Controllers & Chemical Pumps




White Rust Prevention

Newly installed Evap-Condensers & Cooling Towers are subject to a common condition known as "White Rust", which causes serious deterioration of the galvanized coating.

Alkalinity Control Program

Allows up to seven cycles of concentration (COC) and is the most effective tool in reducing water usage.

For more details see : Technical Information

New Website

We have just launched our company latest website to make it easier for you to follow on our wide range of services and our commitment to customer satisfaction.